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Evening gown from the Principessa collection





The 48-look inaugural couture collection for the House of Charles Lord, entitled Principessa, was presented on Friday, August 24, 2007 in Downtown Nashville at the historic Romanesque monument War Memorial/Legislative Plaza. Despite the record-breaking heat, the showing was a huge success with over 250 attendees present, including family, friends, and members of Nashville’s social scene, fashion community, and the press.


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War Memorial/Legislative Plaza, Downtown Nashville






Inspired by the “dolce vita” lifestyle of 1960s Italian high society, the collection is austere in silhouette and exuberant in texture. Simple sophistication is the key theme here. Referencing ancient garment styles such as the tunic and enlivening them with more modern fabrications and details gives the collection a classic, somewhat nostalgic, look that’s yet very relevant and desirable to today’s woman.


“ I was inspired by the chic of notable Italian stylemakers like Marella Agnelli, Ira Von Furstenberg, and Luciana Pignatelli, who were all born princesses of prominent Italian lineages. I imagined them leading their very active socials lives which would require attire for every occasion and time of day. I envisioned them going out, but more so, I envisioned them “At Home”. “At Home” is a term rarely used these days, that when written on an invitation, denotes that one is entertaining, casually or in grandeur, at their residence.  Thus, there was (and is) a hostess in need of beautiful clothes that were easy to wear, but were of high quality and impeccable taste to lounge in, to run their elegant palazzos, to host their many friends and relations (also international nomads) at casual luncheons al fresco and grand balls. Though the majority of today’s women may not live this kind of life, the same desire for these kinds of elegant clothes still exists in the modern woman.”

“In addition to this lifestyle, I was highly inspired by the work of past designers and past key collections of current designers. Primarily Valentino and the Russian-born, Italian princess Irene Galitzine, who understood the fundamentals of ‘At Home’ dressing from the standpoint of a hostess and designer. Additionally, and always formidably, was the influence of Cristobal Balenciaga, whose work as a couturier of the highest order informs my work on a fundamental level. His imprimatur upon my design aesthetic is immutable, ineffable, and always prevalent.”

~ Charles Brown, Head Designer and President





Rome, Capri, Ravello, Marrakech, Marbella, Sardinia, The Nile, Cap Ferrat



Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castegneto Agnelli

Princess Virginia “Ira” Von Furstenberg zu Hohenlohe Pignatari

Princess Luciana Pignatelli

Talitha Pol Getty



La Dolce Vita



Pink Panther

Two for the Road


Fashion- Design and Photography

Irene Galitzine (designer)

Valentino (designer)

Cristobal Balenciaga (designer)

Veruschka (model)

Giancarlo Rubartelli (photographer)

Marisa Berenson (model)

Henry Clark (photographer)

Alexandre de Paris/Carita Soeurs (hairstylists)

Alba and Francesca of Rome (hairstylists)

Slim Aarons (photojournalist)




Marella Agnelli

Wife of Fiat Heir, Italy’s Unofficial First Lady,

World Renowned Style Maven


Luciana Pignatelli

Model, Socialite, Valentino Muse



Ira von Furstenberg

 Artist, Actress,

Original International Nomad





Talitha Getty

Wife of Getty Oil Heir,

Founder of Bohemian Chic






Various Fashion Photos from the 60’s

Shot by Henry Clarke and Franco Rubartelli for Vogue Magazine

 all around the world between 1960 and 1970.







































Palazzo-pant Jumpsuit in Pucci’s signature print.



Supermodel Marisa Berenson showcasing the ‘Haute Boheme’ look.







Valentino Garavani



wearing a caftan of his own design.




in Rome

modeling a Valentino fitted kimono-cut coat.




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