Charles Lord is a lifestyle brand , creating beautiful products and experiences, that embody the elements of Luxury, Independence, Vibrancy, and Elegance. At our core is a deep abiding appreciation and devotion to creativity and beauty in all its forms. We believe Style - both familiar and foreign, complementary and disparate- is what makes our existence amazing and worthwhile, no matter how glamorous or mundane our lives may be. Influenced by fashion, music, art, design, travel, and history, our aim at Charles Lord is to imbue every product we make, every space we fill, and every experience we create with a sense of style and purpose of beauty and love that is a special blend of us, you, and all those with whom we engage in this world. 

Welcome to Charles Lord.


Charles Lord is the culmination of 34 years of dreams and inspiration. Founder and Designer, Charles Brown has been fascinated by clothes and fashion since early childhood and has dedicated his life and career to the pursuit and purveyance of beauty. 

After attending design school, he founded Charles Lord in 2005,  making custom-designed apparel for private clients. In 2007, Charles Lord expanded with its first couture collection, presenting the designer's complete, unadulterated vision of fashion to the world. Since then, Charles Lord has evolved, reacting to the shifts in the fashion industry, relating to our clients tastes & needs, and responding to the vision and perspective of our designer. Today and always, our mission and dedication is to create high quality, inspired, distinctive clothing and accessories to a style-conscious clientele.



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