Get in the mood for the evening with this playlist while you read the info below!  

Everyone is always saying “I don’t have an occasion to really dress up.” Well, Baby, THIS IS IT!

Black tie is required, but

Creative & Glamorous formal attire is strongly recommended.

Also, to add to the spirit of celebration and whimsy of the affair, you are asked to wear a hat or headdress.

Traditionally, Black tie means dark suit, tuxedo, or white dinner jacket for men and full length evening or ball gown for women.

Creative & Glamorous formal attire means Color! Rich fabrics! Sequins! Metallics! Trains! Yards and yards of fabric!

To illustrate what I have in mind and what I would like to see for ALL genders, please visit the following Pinterest board for ideas:

For hats and headdresses, get outside the box.

Go for something that is mysterious or terribly chic or historical or wildly outrageous or artistic! 

Think beading, veils, bows, flowers, feathers. Maybe not full showgirl, but a little Follies Bergere never hurt! 

Don’t be practical!

For ideas, you can visit this Pinterest board:

And to further aide in the search, I have found many vintage and new headpieces, hats, and fascinators on Etsy for my all guests to choose from if they so desire: