SansLabel Clothing is the less structured, anti-establishment side of Charles Lord.  An apparel line whose sole purpose is to offer great clothes. That's it.

SansLabel doesn't do ad campaigns. 

SansLabel isn't going to tell or sell you a story. SansLabel doesn't do big fashion shows or seasonal collections. 

SansLabel just makes unique, but simple clothes for simply unique people.


Our motto:


The fashion industry has gotten so convoluted and complicated. After 15+ years in the business, Charles wanted to do something new, and something simple. He just wanted to make clothes that were easy to make, easy to understand, and easy to wear -- but were still "different". And he wanted to offer them to the public in the clearest, simplest way possible and at a reasonable price. Thus, in 2016, SansLabel Clothing was born. Our garments are each hand made. Many styles are made reusing and re-purposing existing garments and materials, combined with new and vintage fabrics. The garments are mostly gender-free. To further the "anti-brand" tenet of our line, our garments come without labels--thus SansLabel. So if you like it, buy it and wear it.