A reflection and heir of 20th Century high fashion from the design houses & ateliers of Europe, Charles Lord Couture has become known for creating clothing that has a definitive, classic style of elegant exuberance and supreme sophistication. Maintaining a unique balance between vintage inspiration and contemporary relevancy in the look and feel of our designs, we make one-of-a-kind, couture and custom apparel for an exclusive clientele of style-conscious men and women. 

Striking a very intentional balance between not reinventing the wheel, yet not replicating whats currently available in the mass fashion marketplace, Charles Lord Couture's DNA is embedded with an ethos of reverence for the past and pushing the conversation of attire forward. Our designs are certainly not for the faint of heart or those who want to fade into the background. We make highly distinctive clothes for the woman and man who are confident in themselves, have a specific manifesto of style by which they live their lives, and are willing and able to express themselves unabashedly at every turn-- and look to fashion as a form of that self expression. Catering to such a clientele is no easy feat, but we at Charles Lord Couture welcome the challenge and embrace the opportunity to do just that in a way that only we can.